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Golden Touch Carpet and Design has been in business since 1990 and just recently shortened its name to gt flooring &window fashions. Whether your building a new home, doing a renovation job, or in need commercial flooring, you can turn to gt flooring for all your needs. We carry a full line of floor care products, from hardwood and laminate cleaning kits to tile and carpet cleaners.

We believe that your satisfaction is our satisfaction, so we make sure that our workmanship is top notch and you are completely happy when the job is complete. gt flooring has built it’s entire reputation on providing the best customer service in the Saskatoon marketplace. Customer referrals, repeat business and word of mouth have been the core reason we are what we are today.

From power stretched carpets to patterned hardwoods and tile, your floor will look and feel just like you imagined. We also supply custom made area rugs, all gt flooring purchases can be placed on easy payment options include Master Card, Visa, American Express and Debit. Come down and visit our large showroom filled with product samples from some of the industries leading floor manufacturers. Check out our product show case for a list of manufacturers.

Flooring and Window Fashions Saskatoon Tips and Advice

Get It In Writing

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gt flooring and window fashions are stepping up to the plate as a Trusted Saskatoon business along with other Trusted Saskatoon members to help out a a Saskatoon resident whose renovation went bad with an unscrupulous contractor.

We wanted to share with you important tips put together by the Canadian Home Building  Association and CMHC to help ensure you're protected and don't get burned.

Once you have found the right contractor for the job, make sure to get a proper written contract before the work begins. Never accept a verbal agreement. Never hire someone who offers to give you a "special price" if nothing is written down and you pay for the work in cash.

Professional renovation contractors always provide customers with a proper written contract. Here's why:

  • A proper contract spells out what work is to be done, when and how much it will cost. Without a contract, you have little protection from overcharging, incomplete work or excessive delays in completing the project.
  • A proper contract includes a clear warranty on the work being done. Without a contract, it can be difficult or impossible to get faulty work repaired.
  • A proper contract specifies the materials and products to be used in your project. Without a contract, you could end up with inferior materials and little recourse.
  • A proper contract includes proof that the contractor has up-to-date workers' compensation coverage and liability insurance. Without a contract, you could face enormous financial and legal costs if anyone is hurt on the job, or if there is damage to your home or neighbouring properties.
  • A proper contract includes payment holdbacks in accordance with provincial lien regulations. Without a contract, you could be held responsible if the person you hired fails to pay for materials or subcontract labour, even if you have already paid the contractor.

When you hire someone to work on your home, a proper written contract isn't an option, it's a necessity. It protects you. 

There are many experienced and reliable contractors doing business in your community. Unfortunately, there are also some "underground" operators who offer a "great price" so long as nothing is written down and you pay in cash.

Don't make the mistake of falling for the "deal" that could turn into a real nightmare, exposing you to lawsuits, financial liens or liability for workplace accidents or injuries.

A written contract should include the following:
1.  A full description of the work, including the materials and products to be used
2. Dates when the work will start and be completed
3. A clear payment schedule that lays out when and how much you will be charged and what lien holdbacks are required.
4. The contractor’s warranty detailing what is covered and for how long
5. Confirmation that the contractor has business liability coverage for your project and that required Workers’ Compensation coverage is in place
6. Don’t sign a contract unless you are satisfied that it includes all the necessary information and accurately and fully represents what you have agreed to.